PLTU Trenggalek Drilling Blasting PT. Debonair Nusa Karya

PLTU Trenggalek Drilling Blasting PT. Debonair Nusa Karya

The Dam located on the border area between Ponorogo and Trenggalek and the water source supplies by 2 main river nearby. Trenggalek City lay on the land cavity surrounded by the mountains, when rainy season occur this city always suffer from the flood, on the opposite, when the dry season comes Trenggalek suffers from dryness, because the land itself consist of the thick rock material, so it could not hold water underneath and the water just pass the city stright to the valley and finally end up in a sea.

Perhaps those two reasons urge the government to build a dam. The President Jokowi continues the project after a, mini bus booking, long dormant by previous president. The President demanding this project to be completed on 2017.

PT. Debonair Nusa Karya contribute the drilling and blasting service on the project, with a targeted volume of 1.500.000 BCM, it takes 6 months for DNK to completed PLTU Trenggalek Project.




Project Summary :

Vendor PT. Wijaya Karya
Period August 2015 – February 2016
Location Village Ngelinggis, Region Tugu, District Trenggalek – Jawa Timur
Volume 1.500.000 BCM
Material Andesite
Pattern 3 inch diameter, 3 to 9 meter in depth
Scope Drilling and Blasting, Building a Dam

Highway Construction Project, Padang – Bengkulu | PT. DNK

Highway Construction Project, Padang – Bengkulu | PT. DNK

A number of infrastructure projects in West Sumatra has been planned by theWest Sumatera’s Department of Infrastructure and Tarkim. There were strategic project among those project, such as road construction Taluak Kabuang, Mandeh, the South Coast of Tarusan with an allocation of 13.5 billion.

Road Taluak Kabung-Mandeh-Tarusan, will be passes by the President which is planned to visit Mandeh in the near future.

Project runs parallel with the routine maintenance of nearby infrastructure such as bridge, to assure the comfort and safety of the President Jokowi visit at Mandeh.

A number of strategic projects package include 33 road and bridge construction using Sumatera Barat budget (APBD) 2015. The employment contract has been signed. This time the workers have been mobilized in the field. Tagetnya work is completed next October.

Other strategic projects, road construction package Lubuk Sikaping-Talu, packet-Sicincin Duku road construction and road-building package Regional Landfill and a number of other projects.

PT. Debonair Nusa Karya takes responsible for the drilling and blasting service at the project, which is 40.000 BCM in volumes.
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Project Summary :

Vendor PT. Dahana (Persero), PT. ATM
Period July 2015 – January 2016
Location Mandeh, Taluak Kabuang, Padang – Sumatera Barat
Volume 40.000 BCM
Material Andesite
Pattern Diameters 3 inch, Depth 3 to 6 meter
Scope Drilling & Blasting, Padang – Bengkulu’s highway construction

Garut PLTM Project – PT. Debonair Nusa Karya, PT. Arkora Indonesia

Garut PLTM Project – PT. Debonair Nusa Karya, PT. Arkora Indonesia

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Bahtera Project and West Java branch of the State Electricity Company (PLN) signed a memorandum of understanding witnessed by a number of Ministers during the Indonesianisme Summit held by Bandung Institute of Technology Alumni Association (IA-ITB) at Grand Sahid Jaya, Jakarta on Saturday, December 10, 2016.

Marketing Director of PT Hidro Turbin Indonesia (HITI) Ismaryanto said that Bahtera Project will construct mini hydro power plants with a 2×2 megawatts electricity generating capacity in Garut to provide electricity for West Java PLN. The construction is expected to be completed in two years.

“The mini hydro power plant will be equipped a water turbine produced by HITI. It’s a domestic-made turbine by HITI, a company developed by three ITB alumni,” Ismaryanto said on Monday, December 12, 2016.

According to Ismaryanto, the MoU signing is a form of support to the development of domestic products, which is in accordance with the spirit of the Indonesianisme Summit.

Ismaryanto added that Indonesia often rely on imported materials from China, India, and Eastern European countries to build mini-hydro power plants. “That’s why [ITB alumni] established HITI with an intention to take over the Indonesian market that has been dominated by imported products,” Ismaryanto said.






Vendor PT. Dahana (Persero), PT. Arkora Indonesia
Period September 2015 – January 2016
Location Cikopo Village, Panawa, Sub-District Pamulihan, Garut District, Jawa Barat
Volume 6.000 BCM
Material Andesite
Pattern Diameter 3 inch, Depth 3 to 6 meter
Scope Drilling & Blasting PLTM Construction

Project Grouting Shotcrete Tapak Tuan Aceh Selatan

Project Grouting Shotcrete Tapak Tuan Aceh Selatan

Head of the National Road Implementing Agency (BBPJN) I Aceh and North Sumatra Ir Zamharir Basuni MT Region II accompanied by the Project Implementing Unit Heads PJN Aceh Ir M Hilal MT on Tuesday (15/4) reviewing the realization of a concrete road construction project for 1,800 meters long, start from mountains Batu Itam village, District Tapaktuan, until the village of Ujong Batu, District Pasie King.

Zamharir added, in addition to the development program of concrete roads in the mountainous village of Batu Itam to the village of Ujong Batu, the Great Hall of the PJN I Aceh Region – North Sumatra states, in the future we will be focusing on road widening program along the territory of South Aceh, because the existing road is quite narrow mostly less than six meters.

“Six meters it’s a minimal width of the road, plus shoulder of the road 1 to 1.5 meter. If there are road less than that, for sure there are some our aspirations to increase the width. Anyway it would certainly be handled,” said Zamharir. However, he added, the project implementation, should be at higher priority. “As we saw earlier, along the mountainous village of Batu Itam to the village of Ujong Batu there a lot spot of potential landslides that if not treated immediately it would be dangerous for road users. So in the near future some items need prioritize handling, “said Zamharir.

BBPJN I Project Implementing Unit Heads of Aceh, M Hilal accompanied by Committing Officer (CO) 12 Jalan Tapak Tuan-Bakongan- Krueng Luas, Ir Yandri Zaldi mention, road construction project from village to village of Ujong Batu Batu Itam is come from state budget in 2012 with a multi-years budgeting system.

The project, which absorb tens billions of budget, said Hilal, done by a local Aceh contractor companies, PT Nugraha Adi Taruna. The process of his work has started since mid 2012 and it is targeted for completion by the end of 2014.

PT. Debonair Nusa Karya colaborated with PT. Nugraha Adi Taruna then execute the road widening project from Tapak Tuan City to Bakongan. PT. DNK completed the project by making 370 holes of Rockbolt and Shotcrete installation to avoid landslide for about 2 months.





Project Summary

Vendor PT. Nugraha Adi Taruna
Period August to September 2013
Location Southern Aceh, 10 km from Tapak Tuan City, 8 hour trip from Medan’s Airport.
Volume 370 Holes
Material Rock
Pattern Diameter 3 – 4,5 inch, Depth max. 9 metres
Scope Road widening from Tapak Tuan City to Bakongan, 370 holes Rockbolt and Shotcrete installation to avoid landslide

Grouting & Shotcrete PLTP Sarulla Tapanuli Utara

Grouting & Shotcrete PLTP Sarulla Tapanuli Utara | PT. Debonair Nusa Karya.

Sarulla geothermal project in North Sumatra (North Sumatra), which is projected to hit a national electricity crisis, will be fully operated at 2016.

President Director of PT. PLN Nur Pamudji, at Medan, said that Sarulla Geothermal Power Plant (PLTP) is has most capacity, among other project that involve in Second Stage of 10.000 MW Power Plant Accelerated Development Programs, where nearly 50 percent or 4952 MW comes from geothermal energy.

“Sarulla project completion process, does take longer time than predicted before, because at the beginning too many obstacles that obstruct the implementation of the project, but at the current state situation really conducive, certainly Sarulla will start produce electricity in 2016,” he said.

The PLTP Sarulla’s generated electricity by will be purchased by PLN with an average price of 6.79 cents per kWh.

Proyek berkapasitas 330 MW yang berlokasi di Wilayah Kerja Pertambangan (WKP) Panasbumi Sarulla milik PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE), di Kabupaten Tapanuli Utara (Taput) dan Kabupaten Tapanuli Selatan (Tapsel) Sumut, kontraktornya PT PGE yang merupakan konsorsium Medco-Ormat-Itochu-Kyushu (Konsorsium).
The project with a capacity of 330 MW was located in the Mining Working Area (WKP) Sarulla Geothermal belongin to PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE), in North Tapanuli (Taput) and South Tapanuli (Tapsel) of North Sumatra, PT PGE (the contractor) is a consortium of Medco-Ormat- Itochu-Kyushu (Consortium).

Nur Pamudji asserted, Geothermal has become a national priority sectors of energy, which is have the enormous potential, estimated to reach 29,000 MW.

Currently Indonesia with installed capacity of about 1,341 MW is the third largest producer of geothermal electricity in the world, after the United States and the Philippines.

Dia menjelaskan, pembangunan PLTP Sarulla akan dibagi dalam tiga tahap dan akan selesai pada tahun 2018 atau merupakan tahap ketiga.
He explained, Sarulla geothermal power plant construction will be divided into three stages and the final stage will be completed in 2018.

“PLN hoped that the project runs smoothly because it can help reduce the energy crisis,” he said.

Furthermore, the Sarulla’s electricity supply will be projected for an exports to Malaysia.

He said the state reserves for North Sumatra that was mediocre due to the rapid growth of industrial and other commercial activities that have not been fully met PLN supply, actually in 2004, PLN had asked the governor to build hydropower Asahan 2, but it was given to another company that in fact do not have the funds so that the project did not running until today. However, for the construction of Asahan 3, PLN had issued a permit on January 4, 2012 because it has given by North Sumatra Governor Gatot Pujo Nugroho, who was still acting as Governor of North Sumatra.

“It indeed supposed to be like that, where the head of the region should be cooperative with PLN. Try that in 2004 was given permission, then Asahan 2 can already woken up, so there will be no deficit of electricity in North Sumatra,” he said.

North Sumatra’s Secretary of the Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo), Admiral Adyaksa said the electricity supply industry is needed very much today. It is defect North Sumatra development since less of electricity energy is difficult to obtain.

PT. Debonair Nusa Karya contributing on the making of the grouting and shortcrete at cliff formation, to avoid landslide. The drilling process done horizontally. Spent 1000 holes with diameter 4 inch and maximum 18 meters in depth, it takes 2,5 months for PT. DNK to complete the shotcrete and grouting project.






Vendor PT. Hyundai, PT. PP
Period 2,5 Months (February to April 2015)
Location PLTU Sarula – Tapanuli Utara, Sumatera Utara. 8 hours distance from Medan Airport Kualanamo.
Volume 1.000 holes
Material Rock
Pattern Diameter 4 inch, max. depth 18 metres Horizontally
Scope Grouting & Shotcrete on cliff formation to avoid landslide

430 Meter Diversion Tunnel Pandan Duri Lombok Nusa Tenggara Barat

430 Meter Diversion Tunnel Pandan Duri Lombok Nusa Tenggara Barat

Pandan Duri Dams has main function to support High Level Diversion system. In addition to Batujai dan Penggak Dam which is build first, construction of the dam is expected to met about Sixty Thousand hectares of farm field, stretching from west to east of NTB. Besides it’s direct benefit to irrigation, Pandan Duri Dam has the indirect benefit that is capable to suppress flood discharge of the river downstream (1517.94 m³/s peak discharge to 1.170 m³/s), furthermore, the dam will be able to improve nearby people’s live through freshwater fisheries and finally increase the development of the tourism in the area.






Project Summary :

Vendor PT. Dahana (persero), PT. Waskita Karya
Period 2,5 month (2011)
Location Sakra Village, Sub-District Pancor. Lombok – Nusa Tenggara Barat,  3.5 Hours from Manado
Volume 430 metres
Material Andesite
Pattern Diameter 2.5 inch, depth 3 metres horizontally
Scope 430 Meters DAM bypass Tunnel Construction, Tunnel Height 5,5 meter, Width 2.5 meter.

PLTU 660 MW Suralaya Banten PT. Debonair Nusa Karya

PLTU 660 MW Suralaya Banten PT. Debonair Nusa Karya, Drilling & Blasting

Suralaya is a steam power plant , located in the District of Pulo Merak , Cilegon City , Banten, Indonesia . It is located 7 km to the north of the Merak Crossing-Port. 240.65 hectares area is used to build PLTU Suralaya including it’s supporting facilities. Land to be used for the Suralaya consist of valley surrounded by hills or forests.


Project Summary

Vendor PT. Dahana (persero), Genting Energi, CSCEC
Period 1 year, 2013 – 2014
Location PLTU Suralaya, Banten. 3 hours from Jakarta or 1 hours trip from Cilegon.
Volume 1.000.000 BCM
Material Andesite dan Sandstone
Pattern Diameter 3 inch, depth 3 to 9 meters
Scope Drilling & Blasting, Sea hoarding for PLTU area expansion.

Jati Gede Sumedang Dam PT. Debonair Nusa Karya

Jati Gede Sumedang Dam PT. Debonair Nusa Karya

Vendor Sinohydro Consortium Of Indonesian Contractors J.O, Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk
Period 6 bulan, 2013
Location Jl. Cijeunjing Km. 15 Cijeunjing Village. Sub-District Jatigede Sumedang. 8 hours trip from Jakarta.
Material Andesite
Pattern Diameter 2 inch, 3 to 9 meters depth
Scope Rockbolt Installation inside the well, 50 meters depth




Proyek Bendungan Pelaparado
Bima – NTB

Vendor PT. Hutama Karya
Periode 2000 s/d 2002
Lokasi Bima – Nusa Tenggara Barat
Pola Diameter 2 inch, kedalaman horizontal 3 meter

Lokasi dapat ditempuh 2 jam perjalanan dari kota Bima – Nusa Tenggara Barat.
Pekerjaan hanya menggunkan Leg Drill dengan 2 jenis pekerjaan yaitu :

1. Terowongan pengelak panjang 600 meter, lebar 4 meter dan tinggi 3 meter
2. Terowongan control panjang 150 meter, lebar 4 meter dan tinggi 3 meter.


Proyek Pelabuhan Minyak
Lamongan – Jawa Timur

Vendor PT. Dahana (persero), PT. Tri Mustika
Periode 2005 s/d 2007
Lokasi Kecamatan Paciran, Lamongan – Jawa Timur. 3 jam perjalanan dari Surabaya.
Volume 1.000.000 BCM
Material Limestone
Pola Diameter 3 5 inch, kedalaman 6 s/d 9 meter
Scope Drilling & Blasting perluasan dan perataan untuk Pelabuhan Minyak seluas 115 hektar.


PLTU 2×315 MW
Pacitan – Jawa Timur

Vendor PT. Dahana (persero), Dongfang
Periode 2007 s/d 2008
Lokasi Desa Sukorejo, Kec. Sudimoro, Pacitan – Jawa Timur.
Volume 1.000.000 BCM
Material Limestone
Pola Diameter 3, kedalaman 6 s/d 9 meter
Scope Drilling & Blasting penimbunan laut untul pembangunan PLTU 2 x 315 MW.


Cikampek – Palimanan Toll Road Construction Project | PT. DNK

Cikampek – Palimanan Toll Road Construction Project

Cikampek – Palimanan toll road project, span for 116 km, expected to be fully operated by the end year of 2014. The toll road taken important rules to reduce the traffic density at the north coast of Java (Pantura). According to Danis Sumadilaga, Head of Public Communication Ministry of Public Works (PU), the land acquisition for the project has been 100 percent completed.

President Director of PT LMS Muhammad Fadzil in his speech at the groundbreaking ceremony, in Cikopo, Purwakarta, Thursday (8/12/2011) , He says project design of Cikampek-palimanan has been adapted to the standard of toll roads in Indonesia which refers to the quality, safety, and environmental friendly.

“We plan to grow more than 25,000 trees along the Cikampek – Palimanan toll road” he said.

According Fadzil commencement of construction of this toll road project as the realization of the initial concession agreement with the government in 2007. On October 27, 2011 and then, LMS has amended the Toll Road Concession Agreement (concession agreement)

Project investor, PT. Lintas Marga Sedaya also has obtained additional IDR 2 trillion of total loans amounted 8.8 trillion from several banks to start the construction project. The road toll will pass over Subang, Cikopo, Kalijati, Kertajati, Cikedung and Sumberdaya region, before join the existing Palimanan – Cirebon Toll Road.


This project is divided into six sections. Namely segment Kalijati-Cikopo along 29.12 km, Subang-Cikedung 31.37 km, Kalijati-Subang 9.55 km, Kertajati-Sumberjaya 14.51 km, Cikedung-Kertajati 17.66 km and Sumberjaya-Palimanan for 13.78 km long.

PT. Debonair Nusa Karya taken important rules of the toll road construction project, provide excellent drilling and blasting service for 8 months duration. The job itself take place at Ciwaringin Village, using 3″ drilling bit and 3 to 6 meters in depth.













Project Summary:

Vendor PT. Dahana (Persero), PT. PP
Period 8 months by the year 2014
Location Ciwaringin Village, Palimanan-Cirebon Regency.
Volume 300.000 BCM
Material Andesite
Pattern Diameter 3 inch, 3 to 6 meter in depth
Scope Drilling & Blasting Toll Road Project that connect Cikampek and Palimanan.


Proyek Bendungan Benel

Vendor PT. Brantas Abipraya (Persero)
Periode 2006 s/d 2007
Lokasi Desa Manis Tutu, Kec. Negara Kab. Jembrana – Bali.
Material Andesite
Pola Diameter 3 inch, kedalaman 3 s/d 6 meter
Scope Drilling & Blasting Bendungan untuk keperluan Irigasi penduduk setempat.


Pertamina Cilacap

Vendor PT. Pertamina – UP IV
Periode 1996 s/d sekarang
Lokasi Pertamina UP IV – Cilacap.
Scope Sandblasting & Painting
Impact Bolt

Untuk pekerjaan tersebut berlangsung 1 bulan dengan 6 unit alat dan continue diadakan setiap 3 bulan sekali.